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Why Do Women Have Knee and Back Pain Around Menopause?

Team Elda
October 19, 2023

During menopause, many women experience a variety of physical changes due to hormonal fluctuations. 

Once you are close to menopause, the estrogen levels in your body start reducing. This Estrogen plays a role in maintaining bone density and joint health. As estrogen levels decline, women may experience a reduction in cartilage and connective tissue quality, which can lead to knee and back pain.

Apart from this, the joint pains can also be attributed to a combination of various factors too. 

Osteoarthritis: Menopause can increase the risk of developing osteoarthritis, a condition characterised by the breakdown of joint cartilage. The knees and spine are common sites affected by osteoarthritis, leading to pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility.

Weight gain: Many women experience weight gain or changes in body composition during menopause. Increased weight along with weaker bones can place additional stress on the knees and spine, leading to pain and discomfort.

Muscle loss and weakened core strength: Aging and hormonal changes can contribute to muscle loss, particularly in the legs, hips, and back. Weakened muscles and reduced core strength can lead to imbalances, poor posture, and increased strain on the knees and back.

Changes in activity levels: Some women may become less physically active during menopause due to various factors such as fatigue, mood changes, or other menopausal symptoms. Reduced activity levels can lead to muscle weakness and decreased joint support, potentially resulting in knee and back pain.

It's important to note that knee and back pain during menopause can also be influenced by individual factors such as genetics, pre-existing conditions, and lifestyle choices. If you are experiencing significant pain or discomfort, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management strategies.

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