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Elda's Skin and Hair Wellness Program

Hormonal changes around Midlife and Menopause result in pigmentation, dark spots, and dryness.

No Magic. No Fluff. Just Real Results Backed By Evidence.

of women found relief from severe Hairfall
of women noticed healthier Skin
women learned the importance of nutrition in skincare
of women received right recommendation for product

What can you Expect?

Receive personalized care, expert guidance, symptom relief, and a community that understands what you're going through
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Consultation with a dermatologist

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Solve your skin and hair concerns
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Get a personalised treatment plan
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Learn how to care for your skin and hair
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Clinical Nutritionist Consultation

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Learn to eat better for healthy skin
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Learn which foods help you get back that lustre in your hair
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Learn what to avoid in your diet for better skin health
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Care Manager

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Personalised care manager
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Accountability partner to help set you on the right track Your go to person for
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Home Diagnostics

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To help your doctor understand the underlying condition better
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Yoga for the mind

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To destress and get that glow back on your skin from within
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Cleanse your skin as you cleanse your mind

The Program and You: A Winning Combination

expert consultations, personalized guidance, symptom management, and an empowered community in our program
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Glowing Skin

Balance hormones and revive your skin's radiance.
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Healthy Hair & Skin

Glow with healthy hair and skin
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Relief From Symptoms

Hot flashes and night sweats? We'll handle them
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lifestyle habits

Get the upper hand on lifestyle habits that work
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Good Sleep

Say goodbye to sleepless nights
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Energy Levels

Boost your energy

Invest in Your Wellness

Explore our subscription plans, tailored to your needs and budget. Find the perfect plan to start your wellness journey today.
What you get
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1 month
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3 Months
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6 months
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₹ 29,999/-
9 months
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comprehensive diagnostics
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Dermatologist consultation
1 session
1 Session
2 sessions
4 sessions
Diet Plans
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2 plans
4 plans
6 plans
Nutritionist Consultation
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Daily Live Yoga Sessions
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Real Stories, Real Women

Join our community and discover how real women like you found strength, resilience, and wellness.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!.

Ask everything you need to know about our programs and services.
Q: Can Elda's Skin & Hair Management Program help with addressing hair thinning and receding hairlines during menopause?
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Yes, Elda's Skin & Hair Management Program is specially designed for Midlife, Peri-Menopausal & Menopausal women. It provides expert-led treatment recommendations, considering dietary and lifestyle factors, to address hair fall, thinning, and other skin and hair concerns commonly associated with hormonal changes during menopause.
Q: Is this program suitable for women with skin conditions like acne or dark spots?
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Absolutely. Elda's Skin & Hair Management Program has shown an 89% improvement in acne and an 85% reduction in skin spots. Our team of experts recommends customised medical and lifestyle changes, including dermatologist consultations, to address specific skin issues like acne and dark spots.
Q: How does the program tackle stress and its impact on skin and hair health?
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The program involves identifying stressors and building a plan to manage them effectively. Stress management is an essential part of maintaining glowing skin and lustrous hair. Elda's approach includes expert-led recommendations and holistic dietary strategies to address these concerns.