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Embrace Your Inner Peace

Nurture emotional resilience, find balance, and discover lasting inner peace with Elda's comprehensive Emotional Wellbeing Program.

No Magic. No Fluff. Just Real Results Backed By Evidence.

Women experienced Improved confidence
women observed reduced stress
of women prioritised their life better
of Women Found more balance in life

How it Works?

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Know Yourself

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Identify and understand your pain points and overcome them step by step with individually customized plans
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Cultivate courage and confidence to overcome emotional obstacles
Enhance Relationships

Enhance Relationships

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Improve your communication skills and learn to create deeper bonds and meaningful relationships
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Learn to let go of your negative emotions
Increased Resilience

Increased resilience

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Improve your emotional intelligence and coping mechanisms to be more resilient in the face of adversity
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Learn techniques to destress and find more balance in life

What can you Expect?

Anticipate personalized care, expert guidance, symptom relief, and an empowered community within our comprehensive menopause wellness program.
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Wellness Coach Consultation

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One-on-One Session with Our Wellness Coach
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Gain Insight into Your Concerns
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Receive Step-by-Step Solutions for Your Wellness Journey
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Get a Personalized Care Plan to Support Your Progress
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Care Manager

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Your Personal Care Manager
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An Accountability Partner to Keep You on the Right Path
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Your Primary Resource for Answering All Your Questions
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Elda Health App

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Access Curated Content Tailored to Your Specific Concerns
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Discover Easy Solutions to Navigate Challenging Times
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Trust in Scientifically and Doctor-Endorsed Information

The Program and You: A Winning Combination

expert consultations, personalized guidance, symptom management, and an empowered community in our program
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Gain self-awareness

dentify and navigate your unique challenges with your coach's guidance.
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Overcome emotional hurdles with tailored strategies.
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Let Go of Negative Emotions

Shed the negative, nurture the positive.
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Deeper Bonds

Enhance communication skills for more meaningful relationships.
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Stress Reduction

Learn stress reduction techniques for a harmonious life.
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Improved Mood

Bye-bye mood swings and irritability

Invest in Your Wellness

Explore our subscription plans, tailored to your needs and budget. Find the perfect plan to start your wellness journey today.
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1 month
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3 Months
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₹ 19,999/-
6 months
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Access To Care Plan
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Wellbeing Coach Sessions
9 weeks
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Dedicated Care Managers
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Real Stories, Real Women

Join our community and discover how real women like you found strength, resilience, and wellness.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!.

Ask everything you need to know about our programs and services.
Q: Can the Emotional Wellbeing Coaching Program help me cope with stress and emotional challenges during perimenopause?
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Yes, Elda's Emotional Wellbeing Coaching Program is designed to help women cope with stress, emotional turbulence, and the challenges they face during perimenopause. Our personalised coaching sessions focus on building emotional resilience, enhancing relationships, and prioritising emotional wellness.
Q: What results can I expect from the Emotional Wellbeing Coaching Program?
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Participants in our program have reported improved confidence, reduced stress, better prioritisation of their lives, and increased happiness. The program aims to empower you with tools and techniques to overcome emotional obstacles, enhance communication skills, and improve emotional intelligence.
Q: Is the program suitable for women at various stages of life, or is it specifically for those going through perimenopause?
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The Emotional Wellbeing Coaching Program is designed to help women at various stages of life, but it mainly addresses the emotional challenges faced during perimenopause. The skills and tools you'll learn in the program can be applied to different life situations.