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Transforming Your Postpartum Experience

85% of new moms like you are dealing with confidence issues, weight struggles, and struggling to regain strength after childbirth.
We're here to support your health and happiness as you navigate this beautiful but challenging new phase

No Magic. No Fluff. Just Real Results Backed By Evidence.

Solved their queries about Breast feeding
Of Women Felt More Energetic
of new moms gained confidence in work management
of moms adopted balanced Nutrition

What can you Expect?

Receive personalized care, expert guidance, symptom relief, and a community that understands what you're going through
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Adjust to new motherhood with expert guidance.
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Gain emotional support, empathy, and reassurance from our coaches.
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Learn strategies for positive sibling relationships.
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Discover the importance of self-care for new mothers.
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Clinical Nutritionist Consultation

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Balanced nutrition for postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, and overall health.
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Advice on healthy weight management for you and your baby.
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Direct 1:1 guidance with our nutritionist.
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Yoga for the mind

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Introductory counselling session with the yoga therapist to understand your physical health, fitness levels and key concerns to be addressed through yoga
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Curated group-based yogic sessions aimed to strengthen your core and pelvic area, to improve your energy and to relax your mind
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Psychologist Consultation

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Safe and non judgemental space for you to express any concern
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Coping strategies to manage this new phase of life
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Emotional Support that a new mother needs
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Lactation Consultation

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Tailored care for you and your baby's unique needs.
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Guidance to address concerns and improve your breastfeeding experience with our specialised assistance.
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Learn the best way to wean your child gradually.

The Program and You: A Winning Combination

expert consultations, personalized guidance, symptom management, and an empowered community in our program
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lifestyle habits

Get the upper hand on lifestyle habits that work
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Energy Levels

Enhanced emotional state & Elevate your vitality
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Improved nutrition

Secure a tailor made meal plan
Heart health

Better mental health

Manage and reduce stress. Navigate the transition with ease
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Stronger pelvic floor

Strengthen pelvic floor & core post delivery
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Enhance motherhood

Find Joy in Every Step of Motherhood

Invest in Your Wellness

Explore our subscription plans, tailored to your needs and budget. Find the perfect plan to start your wellness journey today.
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6 months
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Post Natal yoga
1 months
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Dietary Recommendations
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Wellbeing Coach
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Psychologist Consultations
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Yoga Therapist Consultations
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Got Questions? We've Got Answers!.

Ask everything you need to know about our programs and services.
Q: Is this program only for new mothers, or can it also benefit mothers who gave birth some time ago?
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The "Holistic Postpartum Program" is here to support not only new mothers but also those who have experienced the journey of motherhood for some time. We understand the challenges you face, including fatigue, dietary concerns, and more, and our program is designed to help you regain your health and confidence at any stage of your motherhood journey.
Q: How can the program help with postpartum fitness and mental well-being?
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Our program is carefully crafted to nurture your postpartum fitness and mental well-being. It includes postnatal yoga sessions and compassionate consultations with therapists, gynaecologists, and clinical nutritionists. These components are aimed at strengthening your core, enhancing your mental well-being, and providing valuable coping strategies for navigating the postpartum phase.
Q: Can I choose the program level that suits me best, or is there a recommended option for all participants?
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We understand that every mother's journey is unique, and that's why we offer you the flexibility to choose the program level that best suits your individual needs. Our options include "Postpartum Lite," "Postpartum Pro," and "Postpartum Premium." You can select the level that resonates with your specific postpartum concerns and wellness goals. Your well-being is our priority, and we're here to support you.