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The Ultimate Nutrition Plan for You

A well-crafted diet plan can be a game-changer in your 30s, 40s, and 50s , transforming your life and helping you conquer menopause symptoms.

Healthy Eating, Happy Menopause

Here’s how nourishing your body with the right foods can transform your menopausal journey into a happier and healthier experience.
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Improves Hormonal Balance

Bone health

Supports Bone Health

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Improves Common Symptoms

Heart health

Reduces Heart risks

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Combats fatigue

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Weight Management

No Magic. No Fluff. Just Real Results Backed By Evidence.

of Women saw a difference for weight concerns
Learnt to make better food choices
Of Women Found Relief from bloating
Of Women Felt More Energetic

What can you Expect?

Receive personalized care, expert guidance, symptom relief, and a community that understands what you're going through
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Elda Health App

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Access to your panel of experts through the in-app chat feature Elda Club
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Fortnightly progress reports
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Daily tasks and activities personalised for you
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Exciting content on a variety of topics
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One stop shop for you to access your prescriptions, reports, plans, attend fitness sessions and meet your experts
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Clinical Nutritionist Consultation

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Understanding your dietary habits and diet-related symptom triggers
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Educate yourself on the basics of healthy eating and sustainable diets
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Co-create meal plans with the expert that are personalised for your symptoms
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Learn about foods that can help manage menopause symptoms
Fruits and Veggies

Menopause is a chapter, not the end of the book. Your nutrition choices can write a vibrant, healthy sequel

Your Roadmap to a Healthier, More Vibrant You

Elevating well-being in just three steps to achieve Mindful Movement, Breath Connection, and Inner Exploration
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  1. Enrol in the Elda Nutrition screening program.
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  1. Have your consultation online with our nutritionist
  1. Receive your tailored nutrition plan

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Real Stories, Real Women

Join our community and discover how real women like you found strength, resilience, and wellness.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!.

Ask everything you need to know about our programs and services.
Q: What sets Elda Nutrition Screening apart from other nutrition programs?
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Elda Nutrition Screening is specifically designed for women in their late 30s, 40s, and 50s who are experiencing a combination of symptoms related to menopause and metabolic issues. Our program offers personalised nutrition plans created by experts and focuses on addressing these unique health challenges.
Q: Can Elda Nutrition Screening help with weight management and metabolic conditions like diabetes and high cholesterol?
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Absolutely. Elda Nutrition Screening includes consultations with clinical nutritionists who understand your dietary habits and co-create personalised meal plans. We aim to help you manage your weight and address metabolic concerns commonly associated with menopause, such as diabetes and high cholesterol.
Q: How can I enrol in the Elda Nutrition Screening program?
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Enrolling in the program is simple. You can start by expressing your interest on our website, and our care managers will contact you to book an online nutritionist consultation. From there, you'll receive a personalised nutrition plan tailored to your needs.