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Decompress. Unwind. Let Go.

No one understands Menopause Better Than Elda

No Magic. No Fluff. Just Real Results Backed By Evidence.

of women have 
learned better anger management
of women found to be healing from sadness
of women successfully managed anxiety.
of women successfully controlled mood swings.

What can you Expect?

Anticipate personalized care, expert guidance, symptom relief, and an empowered community within our comprehensive menopause wellness program.
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Psychologist Consultation

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1:1 Sessions with our Psychologist
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Personalised Solutions specific for your problems
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Learn Healthy Coping mechanisms for those unprecedented moments in life
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Care Manager

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Personalised care manager
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Accountability partner to help set you on the right track Your go to person for
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Yoga for the mind

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Destress with the Pranayama Sessions
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Learn Breathing Techniques to Battle that stress
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Expect better mood and energy levels throughout the day
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Expect Better sleep with the relaxation through yoga

The Program and You: A Winning Combination

expert consultations, personalized guidance, symptom management, and an empowered community in our program
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Good Sleep

Say goodbye to sleepless nights
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Improved Mood

Bye-bye mood swings and irritability
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Energy Levels

Boost your energy
Heart health

Better mental health

Manage and reduce stress. Navigate the menopausal transition with ease.
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Relief From Symptoms

Hot flashes and night sweats? We'll handle them
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Hormonal Balance

Restore hormonal balance, reducing hormonal fluctuations

Invest in Your Wellness

Explore our subscription plans, tailored to your needs and budget. Find the perfect plan to start your wellness journey today.
What you get
₹ 3,999/-
1 Month
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₹ 11,999/-
3 Months
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Yoga For Mind
1 Month
3 Months
Wellbeing Coach Sessions
1 session
6 session

Your Roadmap to a Healthier, More Vibrant You

Elevating well-being in just three steps to achieve Mindful Movement, Breath Connection, and Inner Exploration
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  1. Choose an Elda Unwind Package Suitable for you or contact us
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  1. Consult with our Wellbeing Coach or clinical psychologist based on your symptoms
  1. Attend Yoga for Mind sessions to de-stress and feel relaxed

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Real Stories, Real Women

Join our community and discover how real women like you found strength, resilience, and wellness.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!.

Ask everything you need to know about our programs and services.
Q. How can the Elda Unwind program help my mental health during menopause?
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The Elda Unwind program is designed to provide personalised mental health support during menopause. It includes 1:1 sessions with a well-being coach or clinical psychologist to address your specific symptoms and concerns. Additionally, you'll have access to "Yoga for the Mind" sessions to help you de-stress and feel renewed.
Q: Is the Elda Unwind program suitable for women at different stages of menopause, or is it specifically for a particular phase?
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The Elda Unwind program is designed to support women at various stages of menopause. Whether you are experiencing stress, anxiety, low mood, or other mental health challenges during menopause, this program can provide personalised solutions to help you unwind and improve your mental well-being.
Q: How do I choose the right Elda Unwind package for me?
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You can choose the Elda Unwind package that best suits your needs and preferences. Consult our Wellbeing Coach or clinical psychologist based on your symptoms to get started. They will help you understand the lifestyle changes and interventions needed to improve your mental health and guide you in selecting the appropriate package.