Unwanted or excessive hair growth - Why it happens and what to do?

Do you suddenly see hair growth increasing over your upper lip and chin? You are not alone! This "peach fuzz" troubles almost 40% of women after the age of 45. 

By Dr. Bhavika M, Dermatologist
Published Apr 13, 2022

Do you suddenly see hair growth increasing over your upper lip and chin? You are not alone! This "peach fuzz" troubles almost 40% of women after the age of 45. 

The hormonal changes that occur during menopause generally cause hair loss over the scalp. But facial hair is another issue altogether. Hair growth may increase over the upper lip, chin, jawline, or sidelocks. Along with this, hair growth can increase in the areas such as the chest or back. This unwanted hair can be a cause of great distress.

Why is this happening?

The answer lies in the hormones in your body. Over time the estrogen levels reduce and the testosterone levels in the blood increase. Because of this hair that was earlier fine and barely visible can turn thick and coarse. This is a normal process.

So what do you do now? 

First of all understand that facial hair is normal. If looking at it makes you uncomfortable, by all means you can get rid of it. But do it safely.

Don't overthink it

Do you know what most women do when they see any kind of facial hair growth? Take a magnifying glass and observe it more closely. Get as close as you can to the mirror to look better. Check how it looks from every possible angle.

Because of this, the problem might seem bigger than it actually is. Chances are, these changes might not be as clearly visible to someone coming face to face with you. Before you jump to other remedies, get a clear idea of the problem itself.

Pluck it

If all you have is one or two very noticeable strands, the tweezer is safe to use. Get a good grip and just pull out the hair. 

The most common method that we have all been used to since our teenage years is also still reliable. Threading pulls the hair out and is safe to do. Tempting though it may seem to grab the thread and do it yourself, your skin needs some extra care. Visit your nearest parlour or call a beautician home so the experts can do what they do best!

Shave it

Women shaving their face? Sounds odd right? When done by an expert, facial razors can rid your hair of all the excess hair in just a couple of minutes.

Before you jump onto Amazon and order your own, read this. While YouTube videos might make it feel like facial razors are very easy to use, they don't show you what can go wrong. Especially in the case of dry and sensitive skin, shaving can cause problems even if you use a moisturiser regularly. These include redness, irritation, bumps and acne, and skin rashes. Always consult a dermatologist first.

Medical treatment options

A visit to your dermatologist may open up multiple other options such as laser or hair reduction creams. He/she will also be able to guide you regarding the right way to deal with unwanted hair growth at home. 

A word of caution:

  • Do not use hair removal creams over your face directly. Many of these creams are only meant for use over body hair. They can also make the skin dry.
  • In case you observe a very sudden or rapid growth in facial or body hair, consult a dermatologist. You may need some blood tests to rule out certain medical conditions.

So if you are troubled with unwanted facial hair growth, don't fret. It is a normal change that occurs with time. Visit a dermatologist to make sure that you can deal with it correctly.

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