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Skin and Hair care at Midlife

Caring for your hair and skin is surprisingly dependent on some very simple lifestyle changes, which we often overlook. In this blog, we break down simple lifestyle changes that have long term positive effects on your skin and your hair. Read on!
Dr. Ramachandra
October 19, 2023

Clear, glowing, supple skin and silky, lustrous hair is what we all desire! ! We often end up complicating our routines by  buying multiple skin and hair products (which we seldom use). Moreover, we spend money in salons to get dream hair and flawless skin which does not last for more than a week. Worst of all, we use so many cosmetic products and chemicals on the skin and hair without truly understanding their long term effects. . . .  Caring for your hair and skin is surprisingly dependent on some very simple lifestyle changes, which we often overlook.

What are they? Let's have a look!

What goes in our stomachs influences everything in our life. Hair and skin are no exceptions to this rule. A balanced and good diet is often neglected while we focus on applying a myriad of chemicals on the skin and hair and then we wonder why these products are not giving us the desired results! A balanced diet with proteins, vitamins and minerals, carbs and fats is going to help give you that lustrous hair! Eat healthy, home made food, avoid junk, avoid processed and sugar laden food and don't forget to eat at the right time. So leave all those lotions for the skin and chemicals for the hair, and have a good square home made meal! To improve your diet plan, sign up for a consultation with an Elda nutritionist now!

Water- the elixir of life. 70% of our body weight is water. This water is lost everyday through our secretions, through sweat, and as it is used for bodily functions. This water has to be replenished. How much water is "enough"? 2.5 to 3 liters of water per day is usually said to be enough. But this amount has to go up when you are sweating after a workout and also in summer months when you tend to sweat a lot and lose more and more water from the body. Dehydration makes the skin look drawn, haggard and aged. A good amount of water will give it the glow you desire.  Shall I tell you a simple secret? Use the color of your urine as a status indicator. If your urine is yellow or darker, drink up more.
If your urine is clear coloured you are doing good!

Do I even need to emphasize the importance of exercise?! Exercise is absolutely essential not just for your physical fitness, but also for the skin. What type of exercise? While Yoga could be the ideal exercise for the skin, you can also opt for your preferred form of exercise. Exercise helps out your body in every possible way. So why should hair and skin health be away from it?

Well, accept it- as you age, your skin ages too. This is called the chronological ageing of the skin. Can you help/ change this? No! You can’t! But there is one more type of ageing that the skin is also facing, which is- photo ageing. Photo ageing causes skin damage which can make you look way more than your age. But what is the good part? The good part is that you can help this! More the amount of sunlight that you are exposed to, more is the amount of  UV rays you are exposed to and more is the induced skin damage. Early morning sun is the only time you need to expose your skin to the sun- that's when the body produces vitamin D. But all the rest of the time, please use a sun shade, use sun screens, or simply stay indoors.

Stress can not only induce many diseases in the body, but can also affect your skin, your nails and your hair. Stress not only makes your skin look dull, but also exacerbates certain skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema. Stress releases cortisol in the body. This cortisol increases the oil or sebum secretion on the skin which leads to all these skin issues and break outs and also makes it difficult for your skin issues to heal. It may not be possible to eliminate stress completely from your life. But you can try to deal with it better.

Methods like breathing exercises, yoga, meditation can help you to decrease stress. One more way to reduce stress is by having an adequate amount of sleep. Your body works as you sleep and helps you unwind and destress. A minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep is required for all of us. Remember, that sleep deprivation doesn't just make you sleepy and foggy the next day, but it also affects your skin. So make sure you get that beauty sleep!
So chuck those chemicals, and follow these simple tips on your journey to that glowing skin and lustrous hair!