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Say YES to breakfast

Are you skipping your breakfast? Did you know that dietitians strongly advise eating a wholesome breakfast? Read on to find out more.
Dr. Gowri Ramesh
October 19, 2023

Most people know the importance of eating breakfast. Yet, I have observed that this is the most often skipped meal by people of all ages. The usual excuses- “I got up late”, “I’m running late for work/school/college”, “I do not have time”, “I do not like this” to sum up a few. And there are a few who think that skipping breakfast may help in weight loss. In fact, people do gain weight when they skip breakfast! 

The importance of breakfast lies in its meaning- to break the fast! How does one expect to go through an entire day’s activity without fuelling their body? Without fuel, a car does not start. This is what will happen to our bodies too. Fatigue, low levels of concentration or binge eating at other meals are a few of the body’s responses to not breaking the fast. Long-term effects include micronutrient deficiencies, shifts in body weight or metabolic disorders.  

Let us reflect on the benefits and options of a good breakfast as a prerequisite for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Eat a wholesome breakfast before 9 a.m.
  • Breakfast provides the fuel to make one physically and mentally active through the day.
  • Traditional breakfast foods are a better option compared to processed breakfast foods.
  • Include protein rich foods for breakfast.
  • Traditional foods such as Idli, Dosa or Pongal (or any tiffin items) with peanut or roasted gram chutney, chapathi with channa or rajma, a banana and a glass of milk will make a wholesome breakfast.
  • If ready-to-eat cereals are the only option, try whole grain ones, and restrict adding sugar to cereals. They can be topped with raisins or nuts.
  • If bread is a preferred option, include whole grain breads. An egg/cheese/peanut butter sandwich will give the protein kick for the day. 

Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast for an Awesome Day!