Induced Menopause – are you triggering it?

Sunny Mishra
October 19, 2023

Let’s get talking about this!  


Because an everyday woman's everyday life is full of seemingly harmless, sometimes insignificant decisions that can lead to premature menopause; especially, when you choose to ignore them. So, don't ignore information; it may come in handy if not for you then, for a family member or a friend. 

What is Induced Menopause?

An induced menopause is menopause caused by medical treatment. Induced menopause can be the outcome of a well-considered course of surgery if treatment options are narrow, e.g. Bilateral Oophorectomy, where both the fallopian tubes and both the ovaries are removed if anomalies are detected in the organs. 


The induced menopause can also be the side effect of prescribed treatments like radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or the use of specific drugs. Also known as Surgically Induced Menopause or Medically Induced Menopause, it differs from natural menopause due to the instant menopause, casting aside the perimenopausal phase of a natural transition.

At any rate, natural menopause and induced menopause stop a woman’s menstruation cycle. A proper diagnosis is recommended before reaching any conclusions, as a pause in the menstruation cycle can have several other reasons or can also be temporary. For more:

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Induced menopause and age statistics

According to an article published in a leading newspaper, the natural age for menopause is 45years to 55years which averages out to be 51years worldwide. The mean age drops to 46years when it comes to Indian women. Another alarming figure is the average age of 30 years at which Indian women are menopausing prematurely and here is the wringer, Induced menopause can occur at any age post puberty.

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A stitch in time saves nine - call your gynecologist! 

Being a bundle of contradictions (it’s a compliment), women want it all: a prince charming, soaring career, house in a posh locale, the bank balance that asserts independence, and then some more, but when it comes to health, women tend to make a speedier go at age-old home remedies, or quick fix suggestions from a friend who’s anonymous relative went through something similar, or DIY videos, or Instagram hashtags; an appointment with a gynecologist is usually the last option.

How to prevent induced menopause?

As mentioned earlier, Induced menopause can occur at any age post-puberty; this may compromise your immune system due to the lack of estrogen and ovarian hormones. Our best chance to counter induced menopause lies in its prevention.  

Attention be paid!
  • Make healthier lifestyle choices every single day.
  • Visit your specialist for regular checkups if there is a history of premature menopause in your family; regular screenings are most effective in keeping a check.
  • Talk to your gynecologist and avoid skipping information while you are at it. Your gynecologist is your most dependable ally when it comes to your menstrual and reproductive system health. 
  • Avoid any medication without a doctor's consultation. The body is an intricate mechanism, and each system is unique; what works for your mother-in-law may not work for you, so check before you pop a pill. 
  • Eat healthily, avoid junk or genetically enhanced foods, and exercise regularly. These may not help prevent induced menopause, but these can boost your immune system and keep your health optimal to face health challenges.

Your mental health is as crucial as your physical health. If you are low on energy or constantly haunted by stress and anxiety, seek help from a psychologist/psychiatrist, build a supportive circle of friends around you and try some me-time. Remember, a positive mind can change the most complicated outcomes. 

If you are not conscious about your choices, then one-way-or-the-other we are triggering induced menopause and the likes of it. Remember, women are creators of individuals, cultures, and nations; when women invest in their today, they invest in the future of the entire mankind! 

Menopause is a complex phase of a woman’s life. Going through the transition, complications can manifest physically and emotionally, especially when this menopause is not natural but a medically induced one; read the blog to understand the issue in detail.