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5 Traditional Drinks to Manage Hot Flashes

Hot flashes bothering you? Beat the heat with 5 refreshing Indian drinks traditionally used for relief.
Sonali Kulkarni
October 19, 2023

The transition to menopause is often associated with numerous complaints such as weight gain, night sweats, mood swings and the most common of them all: hot flashes.

A hot flash is a sudden rush of heat to the upper body, especially the face and chest. It can happen at any time, during the day or at night. These hot flashes are not just an inconvenience, they also disrupt regular life. Studies have shown that approximately 75-80% of women suffer from hot flashes.   

Hormonal changes are like a roller coaster and they can take a toll on one’s well being.  Where hot flashes are concerned, we can control them by maintaining a checklist of whatever aggravates them.  Anxiety and stress are the major culprits here. Other factors that trigger hot flashes are hot weather, spicy foods, caffeine and alcohol. Once you know what causes your hot flashes, you can figure out ways to manage them better.

You can reach out to us at Elda Health and we will suggest options for you to consider. Fortunately, there are also many natural and traditional remedies that help in reducing the severity of hot flashes.

Here are some of them:

  1. Kokum juice: 

It’s cool! And not just because it helps in relieving body heat. It comes packed with important nutrients like vitamin A, B3 and C. It’s loaded with folic acid, calcium, iron, potassium, and zinc. If that’s not enough, it also provides the body with dietary fibre which in turn helps lower cholesterol, improves bowel health, and helps in weight loss. Menopause causes weight gain, remember? This is a good reason to switch to kokum juice instead of all those sodas.

  1. Solkadhi :

A traditional Konkani meal would be considered incomplete with solkadhi to wash it down. It goes especially well with seafood, but it can also be consumed as a refreshing beverage on its own. This is a soothing drink made with creamy coconut milk, kokum, and herbs Coconut milk has anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties, which help in protecting the body from several infections and viruses. It does contain significant amounts of fat but the healthy kind and yes, it does exist! It is the kind of fat that serves as an energy source and helps the metabolism. 

If you’re a vegan or lactose intolerant- help yourself to glasses of chilled solkadhi and get your vitamins and calcium the tasty way.

  1. Ice apple: 

Just the name has a cooling effect, right? Imagine how it would feel to snack on an ice apple and have its juicy pulp refresh and hydrate your body. This seasonal fruit has been traditionally used to quench thirst in the sweltering summer. Ice- apple is known as ‘tadgola’ in Marathi but it's more common name is ‘palm fruit’.  

It’s low in calories and has the perfect combination of glucose and minerals needed to maintain the body’s electrolyte balance. It’s also known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. A good reason to get yourself some ice apples right away?

  1. Soy : 

Soy or ‘Shu’ as it is known in Ancient Chinese, is one of the main plant foods in Far East Asian countries. The women here experience fewer menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes. According to reports only 10-20% of women in these countries suffer from hot flashes. Although there are conflicting reports to support the theory that there is a connection, the fact remains that soy is high in isoflavones which are known to weaken hot flashes.  

  1. Buttermilk :  

Buttermilk, better known as ‘lassi’  contains no butter and is a common beverage in the Indian kitchen. Lassi is a popular beverage across North India where it is loved and relished.

Buttermilk was originally made from milk that was left over after making butter. The churning process left the milk in the churn just a little sour but loaded with healthy bacteria that help in digestion.  It is an easy to prepare, cost-effective and highly nutritious drink. It's rich in protein, good calories and fats. Drinking buttermilk keeps you hydrated, prevents excessive eating and controls weight.  

It is said that menopause is like being a human volcano. Instead of hot lava, there’s sweat pouring out of you. And people still run from you in fear! 

Menopause can be a unique experience for every woman and each one has to manage it in her own way. But making healthy lifestyle choices can help all women to cope with this transition.

These include regular exercise, eating small and frequent meals, and avoiding junk and spicy food. Remember to check with your gynaecologist before using these or any other remedies.