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Menopause & Midlife Health Programs

Elda’s programs are designed to meet your individual needs. Select from our comprehensive programs below.


Wellness Screening

8+ diagnostic tests - CBC, Lipid Profile, thyroid and others..
Menopause Rating Scale to track progress
1 Consultation + 1 follow-up with Menopause Specialist
Sustainable personalized care plan
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₹12,999 ₹21,999
(3 months)
6 therapy sessions with psychologist
3 month "Yoga for the mind"
24/7 Access to our experts through the Elda Club
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Bounce Back

₹12,999 ₹21,999
(3 months)
8+ diagnostic tests - CBC, Lipid Profile, thyroid and others..
1  Doctor's Consultation
Monthly nutrition plans with fortnightly follow-ups
Customised fitness plans
Access to unlimited yoga
24/7 Access to our experts through the Elda Club
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Elda’s programs are designed to meet your individual needs.

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Like every new phase of life, menopause comes with its challenges. But it also brings with it an immense potential to evolve. Believe us, your best life is only ahead of you!

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1. What is the Menopause Rating Scale?

The Menopause Rating Scale is a scientific assessment that analyses your symptoms as you transition to midlife, especially during menopause. Our gynaecologist reviews your scale to get an insight into your menopause.

2. Would you require any blood test reports prior to the gynaecologist consultations?

It would be useful to have your latest blood test reports, however, if our gynaecologist recommends a lab test for you, we can always assist with this requirement through our home blood test services (diagnostics are chargeable at an add on price).

3. What level of personalised support do I get as part of the Premium Menopause Pack?

You will get a personalised care plan after your consultation with the Health Coach which will include relevant support tailored to your health goals from Nutritionist consultations to Yoga and Therapy. It is a one stop solution for all your health needs. The Health Coach will evaluate your progress on a weekly basis and instil sustainable behavioural changes to help you achieve your goals. 

4. Do you have any physical outlets?

No, this program is entirely online with the exception of diagnostic services which are at-home blood tests.

5. Is this a workshop/an information session?

No, our menopause and midlife health services include consultations and programs through which our specialists will work at ensuring better health outcomes for you. 

We host webinars and information sessions with our specialists on a regular basis as well, which are different from the above mentioned services.

6. I have a busy schedule and have tried such solutions before. How do I commit to your services?

Our Dedicated Elda Health care team will support you through the program and keep you accountable, making it easy for you to achieve your goals.  

7. Is this covered by insurance?

Please check with your insurance provider to check the coverage of telemedicine services

8. Do you have any flexible payment options 3 to 6 month plans?

Yes we do! Please contact us on +919513631346 for further assistance

9. Do you have any other questions?

Call us at +919513631346 and our team will be happy to assist you

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