70% women experiencing menopause-related symptoms do not seek help because they are unaware of the relevant treatment options
This changes with Elda’s wellness screening.
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Is Elda Wellness Screening for you?
Hot Flashes
& Night Sweats
Anxiety &
Hair & Skin
Low or
No Libido
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Our Approach
There’s no magic. No fluff. Just real results.
Elda’s evidence-based protocols focus on
improving your health across three pillars
Menopause Symptoms
Manage common menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, sleeplessness, bloating and low energy.
Metabolic Issues
Manage and treat metabolic concerns that typically begin during this phase such as prediabetes, diabetes, thyroid disorders and hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol)
Lifestyle & Weight Management
Manage sudden weight gain or loss caused by fluctuating hormones
What will you get in the program?
  • 8+ diagnostic tests *including CBC,Lipid Profile, thyroid & more.
  • 1:1 Consultation with Menopause specialist
  • Care manager support to further understand your prescription and other holistic program offerings
  • Menopause rating scale to track progress
  • Elda Wellness Screening
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What can you Expect?
Gynaecologist (Menopause
specialist) Consultation
  1. Assessment of your metabolic and hormonal health
  2. Deep diving into your symptoms and understanding what is causing them
  3. Comprehensive medical and lifestyle recommendations
Elda Health App
  1. Access to your panel of experts through the in-app chat feature Elda Club
  2. Fortnightly progress reports
  3. Daily tasks and activities personalised for you
  4. Exciting content on a variety of topics
  5. One stop shop for you to access your prescriptions, reports, plans, attend fitness sessions and meet your experts
What does The Elda Wellness Screening Journey Look Like?
Elda Wellness screening at ₹1499. Grab this offer today
Dedicated care manager: Your care manager will get in touch with you to understand your health concerns.
Menopause Panel: At-home blood sample collection to receive  an easy to understand and insightful digital report.
Menopause Consultation: Get a 1-on-1 consultation with a menopause specialist (Gynaecologist).
Menopause Care library: Get exclusive access to webinars & curated expert content on the app.

Our Experts

Like every new phase of life, menopause comes with its challenges. But it also brings with it an immense potential to evolve. Believe us, your best life is only ahead of you!

Client testimonials
I have been with Elda before the app came out.Initially I was into the Yoga program and it helped me get some motivation to work on myself. I then started off with a Weight Management Program. Noticed changes in my weight in a matter of 2 weeks and definite changes in energy levels. My Care Manager constantly checks on me and this positive push motivates me to be disciplined.
Padma Revuru
My journey from pre- menopause to menopause was tough but made smooth with the help of Elda team specially the counselling sessions taken by Dr. Aishwarya . I felt so comfortable talking to her & taking therapy was worth it
Neha Gulati
They provided me with my own personal caretaker Ms. Nitya and she was just like God sent.She understood my problems and fixed appointments with the concerned doctors Dr. Madhavi and dietician Ms. Sonali,and my Yoga and fitness instructor Ms. Uma and Mr. Akhil.... together all of them have worked hard on me and provided immense relief from all my physical issues. Within months my life took a U - turn and I am my normal self now under their expert guidance.
Dipika Chopra
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