A comprehensive menopause management program that actually works!
Women in their late 30's and 40's experience sudden onset of various menopause-related symptoms. These changes before and during menopause happen due to
  • Decline in oestrogen levels
  • Reduced rate of metabolism
  • Lifestyle factors such as unbalanced diet and lack of adequate physical activity
It’s not crash diets or obscure meal plans that you need, but a customised holistic program that is effective and sustainable.
But there's hope!
Elda Health’s Bounce Back is designed while keeping in mind the hormonal, emotional & socio-cultural changes women go through during Menopause.

Our holistic program focuses on three areas of change : Weight management, Metabolic disorders & Menopausal symptoms.

Get the 3-month program that takes you on a journey of a lifetime!
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What’s included in Elda’s Bounce Back program
8+ diagnostics tests :
CBC, LFT, Lipid Profile,BSL - Fasting
HbA1C, Thyroid Profile, Prolactin
Urine Routine and Microscopy
*Subject to serviceability of location for at-home diagnostics
8+ At-home Diagnostic tests
1 Consultation with a gynaecologist
24X7 access to experts via the Elda Club
Unlimited access to restorative Yoga
Monthly Meal plans designed by our nutritionist
Fortnightly check-ins with the Wellbeing Coach
How Does it Work ?
Some Menopause Related Symptoms Our Customers are Experiencing.
Weight Gain
Increased appetite
Reduced apetite
Reduced Stamina
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