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Why is Sexual Wellness Important?
Women grapple with changes in their body, emotions & sex drive as they approach menopause.
Shifting hormones, multiple priorities & overall stress hampers arousal which leads to changes that make you uninterested or uncomfortable with sex.
This is NORMAL!
We want to help YOU FEEL BETTER

Why Choose Elda Health?

We do not judge
We keep your information private
Gynaecology experts with 25+ years of experience
We are here to listen to everything you have to say

Are you feeling any of these symptoms?

Low Sex Drive
Vaginal Dryness
Soreness Post sex
Fear of Penetration
Bleeding or Urinary Issues
Vaginal Dryness

Meet our Sexual Wellness Expert

Dr . Manish Mahajan
• He is a gynaecologist with 25+ Years of Experience
• He has an advanced degree in Sexual Medicine
• He is a licensed therapist
• He is here to assess your symptoms, provide guidance & a personalised treatment plan

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