A lesser-known tool for better hair

By Dr. Bhavika M, Dermatologist
Published May 09, 2023

“Your hair is looking so thin. You used to have such thick hair”.

“I can see the greys already. You are growing old now!”

Have such comments got you feeling down? People who say these things will also have a long list of solutions to offer - apply onion juice, start using Ayurvedic hair oils, stop using shampoo loaded with chemicals, drink green juice, and so on.

While much of this advice is well-meaning, all of it may not be of much help. Multiple factors play a role in hair fall. Most people know about the main causes such as stress, a poor diet, and repeated hair treatments.

A few of the initial things most women do is include more fruits and vegetables, taking supplements, and reducing stress. All valid steps towards good health and hair. However, there is one more step in the process that most women miss - Exercise.

Exercise does more than help you shed those extra kilos. It can help your skin shine and hair remain dense too. But there is a right way to exercise to ensure that you can experience its full benefits. Let’s see how:

Cardiovascular exercise

Walking, running, dancing, and any other workout that gets your heart racing is a form of cardiovascular exercise. It improves the blood flow through your heart and all parts of your body, including your scalp.

Do you know why you feel so good after that Zumba class or a swim? It is because exercise reduces stress hormones such as cortisol and increases the levels of endorphins. Endorphins are naturally produced hormones that help to cope with pain, relieve tension, improve mood and sleep.

Does this mean you should suddenly start running 5 kms from today? Definitely not! Pushing yourself too hard too soon can be dangerous. It can cause more harm than good.. Start slow and step it up as per your comfort and fitness level.


Are you picturing bending over backward or balancing on one leg? That might not be required. Yoga does not mean having great flexibility or holding complicated postures. You can select the asanas as per your comfort and increase the difficulty with time.

You can consult a yoga trainer to teach you some basic yoga asanas that help increase blood supply to the scalp. Improved circulation promotes hair growth and rejuvenates dull hair. Other postures help improve digestion and support better absorption of nutrients. 

These features make yoga one of the most effective forms of exercise to control hair loss. 

Coming to the big question - does exercise reduce hair fall in reality?

Well, not if you expect a miracle overnight. Exercise is one of the tools that, when used correctly, can improve hair health. Supplementing it with a healthy diet, good sleep, and an overall improvement in lifestyle is essential. These changes need to be gradually incorporated for months to see real results.

Give it some time, and you will discover a much calmer, healthier version of yourself (with an added natural glow and dense hair!).