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Food, Fun and Frolic

Mindful habits when practiced while eating at home or outside, will help in leading a healthier lifestyle.
Dr. Gowri Ramesh
October 19, 2023

Food, Fun and Frolic

Who does not love these three words? Everyone loves to eat well, almost all of us! But are we really eating what our body needs in terms of quantity and nutrition? We really don’t need to count calories while eating, but we have to be mindful while choosing from the abundant food options available.

Food options have changed drastically over the years, and homemade foods have been slowly replaced, either with ready-to-eat convenience or processed foods. Ordering food from different eateries or frequent dining out can be observed as a trend towards changing lifestyles. In fact, we do not need to go out to eat; food comes to us with delivery options galore. When choices are abundant, mindful eating habits are a must.

While eating at home or outside, observing a few mindful habits will help in leading a healthier lifestyle.

The Key element to mindful eating is to practice moderation, variety, and balance in the food options available.

Here are a few tips for a healthy lifestyle:

  • Follow the My Plate plan- Fill half your plate with vegetables, one quarter with whole grains and the other with protein foods. 
  • Include traditional and seasonal foods/fruits/vegetables
  • Include 2-3 cups of dairy every day.
  • Watch your portions. Use a smaller plate.
  • Eat 2-4 servings of fruits every day. One serving comprises a medium-size fruit.
  • Eat a handful of nuts.
  • Restrict High Fat, Sugary and salty snacks, and processed foods.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Eat slowly and enjoy every morsel of what you eat.