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Whether it’s your NPS score, employee retention rate or just happy employees who bring in great productivity, great employer support can mean all the difference between women continuing to work and women leaving their roles.
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Women's Health is more than just an insurance plan or maternity leave.
Weight Gain
Why should you care?
High burnout leading to high dropouts
Driven by stress and poor health, 61% of women in middle management roles are forced to look for a new role within a span of 2 years
HR teams need support
1/3rd of HR professionals don’t know what discussions to have before or after maternity leave.
Increasing insurance claims
A reactive approach to health leads to exorbitant reimbursements
Lack of awareness and empathy
This impacts the acceleration of women to leadership roles and diversity and inclusion objectives

Our Offerings

We empower you to be the chosen employer for women with our offerings

Lack of awareness and social stigmas can lead to women suffering in silence. Our Gynaecologists, Health Coaches, Nutritionists and several other specialists share advice on smarter lifestyle choices and most importantly, encourage open conversations among the attendees.

“ The session was very insightful and helpful for all of us. Our beautiful ladies came to know about their bodies and how they can deal with the problems that occur due to menopause.
Thank you Elda Health and Dr Ameya for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and experience with us. ”
- Centre for Social Justice
“ Elda Health organised a great session on Women’s Health across all ages. Participants found this to be very informative and appreciated how complex women’s issues were explained in such simple terms. Thank you Elda for shedding light on the many issues faced by women. ”
- Arcesium
“ Elda Health organised a valuable, engaging and much needed session on Menopause for our employees. The session covered the dos and donts, symptoms, when to seek medical help and most importantly gave the assurance that menopause can be managed and it can be a liberating phase of life. The feedback was excellent and we look forward to more ”
Elda 360
A general wellness program for women to comprehensively screen for concerns and offer lifestyle solutions
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Elda Bounce Back
A sustainable weight management program that can target underlying root causes of weight concerns
See what’s included
Elda Unwind
A monthly program for you to decompress, unwind and feel your best emotionally
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Integrated PCOS program
A 6 month holistic program to reverse PCOS, an issue impacting 1 in 5 Indian women
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Elda’s Postpartum program
A monthly program to help your employees navigate the physical and emotional realities of postpartum
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“ My experience has been really nice and pleasant. Fakiha, my relationship manager, was always responsive and had a lot of patience in accommodating my schedule. Sonali is the best -  her diet recommendations are simple and she teaches you how to handle your symptoms. I have learnt so much and I will be continuing with Elda. They have actually brought a difference in my life! Thanks to the Elda team. ”
- Niti
“ I went through a complete hysterectomy  and soon began to face severe fatigue, bloating and hot flashes. After going through medications from my own doctor and not getting much relief I was in despair. Then I came across Elda Health on a social platform and got in touch with them. Within months my life took a U - turn and I am my normal self now under their expert guidance. They have been my saviour. All the best to the team. ”
- Dipika
Why choose us?
Felt better equipped to manage their health
Experienced visible changes in their weight
Women saw improvements in menstrual symptoms
Have seen health outcomes
Found our webinars helpful
Strong women community
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